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JOB POST: Senior Biologist

Senior Biologist

City of San Diego

Senior Biologist positions coordinate, direct and supervise the work activities of a biology and/or microbiology laboratory (sections/work groups: drinking water quality sampling and microbiology, toxicology, marine biology, molecular biology, marine microbiology or reservoir biology); evaluate and rate the work performance of subordinates; advise management on technical issues relating to Drinking Water regulatory requirements, wastewater and reclaimed water regulations, microbiology, toxicology, molecular biology, bio-assessment, reservoir limnology and/or watershed management; design and coordinate special studies as needed; coordinate with other agencies on solutions to common problems and to improve procedures and interagency consistency relating to microbiology, toxicology, molecular biology, limnology, watershed management and bio-assessment; review technical publications and regulatory documents and coordinate procedural and regulatory changes; review quality assurance program data; coordinate lab permits and certifications; review and approve analytical reports prior to submission; respond to lab customer service inquiries; review and implement employee training plans; develop service level agreements and MOUs and invoice for services; assess lab cost efficiency and develop efficiency programs; review purchasing records; review and recommend program staffing and equipment needs; and prepare written reports; and perform other duties as assigned.

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