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Welcome to our new Board!

Congratulations and welcome to our new Board members and officers! We want to thank all of our candidates and nominators for their support and willingness to serve our SoCal SETAC Regional Chapter.

Our new elected 2018–2020 SoCal SETAC Board Members are:

Academic - Amro Hamdoun (SIO) & Mary Woo (CSUCI)

Private - Karin Wisenbaker (Aquatic Bioassay)

Public - Nick Hayman (SPAWAR) & Jun Zhu (LARWQCB)

Student - Nicol Parker (UCSB)

We are pleased to announce our new SoCal SETAC Vice President and Newsletter Editor, Erika Holland (CSULB). Erika is a Professor of Aquatic Toxicology and Molecular Biology who researches the impact of pollutants on aquatic organisms using tools spanning receptor, cellular and whole animal endpoints. Erika served as SoCal Academic Board Member last year and we are excited that she will continue her service as our new Vice President.

We want to welcome Denise Li (City of LA) as our new Outreach Coordinator. Denise is an ecotoxicologist with the City of Los Angeles and professes that public outreach is her favorite BMP. Denise just completed a 2-year Public Board Member term and we are fortunate to have her continue to support SoCal SETAC as our new Outreach Coordinator.

Chris Stransky (Wood) will progress from Vice President into the role of President and serve as our fearless leader this season. Keith Maruya (SCCWRP) will also progress from President to Past President and will lead our 2019 Annual Meeting in the spring. Violet Renick (OC Sanitation District) will enter start her 2nd year as our wonderful Webmaster and Joe Freas (Aquatic Bioassay) will be head into his 8th year as our treasured Treasurer.

The sizeable role of Secretary will hence forth be bifurcated between Misty Mercier (Physis Environmental Labs) and Alvine Mehinto (SCCWRP). Alvine, a molecular toxicologist specializing in the environmental impact of contaminants, served as Public Board Member last year and we are excited that she will continue her service as our new Co-Secretary.

Our 2016–2018 SoCal SETAC Board Members who will continue their 2nd and last term year are

Private - Wendy Hovel (Anchor QEA)

Student - Scott Coffin (UCR)

Lastly, we want to bid a fond farewell to our outgoing Past-President Rachel Adams (LMU) as well as our outgoing Board Members Dan Schlenk (UCR), Kimbrie Gobbi (Wood), and Eilleen Salas (CSULB). Thank you for your dedication and service to SoCal SETAC!

Cheers to a new season and hope to see you at our upcoming events!

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