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Local & Regional Agencies and Interests

Southern California Coastal Water Research Project (SCCWRP)

Coastal Data Information Program

Center for Marine Conservation

Government Agencies

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

California Coastal Commission

California EPA Region 9

California Dept. Fish and Game

California State Water Resource Control Board

National Toxicology Program

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA

National Marine Fisheries

U.S. ARMY Corps of Engineers

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

U.S. Geological Survey

Environmental Risk Assessment

American Chemical Society

(Chemical info)


(Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry: Frequently asked questions about contaminants found at hazardous waste sites)

Chemical Manufacturers Association

(Chemical info)

Human Health Risk and Environmental Analysis

(Oak Ridge National Laboratory Environmental Sciences Division)

Ecotox Database System

(U.S. EPA Environmental Effects Toxicological Database)

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program


Information Center for the Environment

(Links to a large number of environmental web resources - U.C. Davis)

National Pesticides Telecommunications Network

(Pesticide info)

Office of Environmental Policy and Assistance

(U.S. Department of Energy)

Pesticides in the Hydrologic System

(USGS Pesticide info)

Risk World

(International WWW publication providing news and information on the identification, critical analysis, and management of risks)

Society for Risk Analysis

(An open forum for all those who are interested in risk analysis)


(A cluster of databases on toxicology, hazardous chemicals, and related areas)

Water and Agriculture Information Center

(A database of more than eleven hundred freely available documents)

EPA Tools for Ecological Risk Assessment

(Access guidance, policy, and technical tools for Superfund ecological risk

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