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JOB POST: Laboratory Technician

Laboratory Technician

City of San Diego

Laboratory Technician positions provide a variety of laboratory support such as the washing and preparation of sample containers, analytical glassware, and other lab equipment; prepare microbiological media and chemical reagents; collect and transport biological or microbiological specimens and field samples; collect and transport water, sewage, industrial, ocean, bay, estuary, river, watershed, and other environmental samples for chemical and microbiological analyses; assist with basic or routine chemical, biological, or bacteriological analyses; record the results of basic chemical, biological, or bacteriological tests; perform chemical tests to determine solids, dissolved oxygen, biological oxygen demand, chemical oxygen demand, and other similar tests in the field or laboratory; enter test results in LIMS; properly dispose of and/or coordinate the disposal of contaminated materials, hazardous chemical waste, and bio-hazardous waste; perform and record routine QA/QC testing and maintain laboratory log books and other records; maintain aquatic and other test organisms; wash, weigh, and maintain preserved specimens; maintain specimen and procedure logs and inventories; staff the Trucked Waste Monitoring Lab overseeing waste hauler discharge documents and screening/sampling tanker contents to enforce permit compliance; and perform other duties as assigned.

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