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Welcome to our new 2020-2022 Board!

Congratulations and welcome to our new Board members and officers! We want to thank all of our candidates for their support and willingness to serve our SoCal SETAC Regional Chapter.

Our new elected 2020–2022 SoCal SETAC Board Members are:

Academic: Andrea Bonisoli-Alquati (Cal Poly, Pomona)

Public: Leslie Nanninga (City of San Diego)

Private: Barbara Orelo (Enthalpy Analytical, San Diego)

Student: Kara Wiggin (SIO/UCSD)

They will join our 2019–2021 SoCal SETAC Board Members:

Academic: Varenka Lorenzi (CSULB)

Public: Ashley Parks (SCCWRP)

Private: Kate Buckley (Wood)

Student: Amanda Russell (CSULB)

We are pleased to introduce our new SoCal SETAC Vice President and Newsletter Editor, Karin Wisenbaker (Aquatic Bioassay) who served as a Private Board Member for the past two years.

Nick Hayman (NIWC Pacific) will progress from Vice President into the role of President and serve as our fearless leader this season. Erika Holland (CSULB) will also progress from President to Co-Past President and Chris Stransky (Wood) will stay on with us as Co-Past President. Chris & Erika will co-lead our 2021 Annual Meeting in the spring.

Violet Renick (OC Sanitation District) will enter her 4th year as our wizarding Webmaster while Joe Freas (Aquatic Bioassay) will head into his 10th year as our treasured Treasurer. Misty Mercier (Physis Environmental Labs) will begin her 5th year and Alvina Mehinto (SCCWRP) will begin her 3rd year, sharing the sizeable role of Co-Secretaries.

Lastly, we want to bid a fond farewell to our outgoing Board Members Mary Woo (CSUCI), Jun Zhu (LARWQCB), and Student Board Member Nicol Parker (UCSB). Thank you for your dedication and service to SoCal SETAC these past two years!

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