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  • Violet Compton Renick

UC Santa Cruz Coastal Science & Policy Program

A new MS program has been created for future conservation leaders: the Coastal Science and Policy Program at the University of California Santa Cruz.

The MS program emphasizes international diversity, entrepreneurship and data-driven action to achieve conservation at scale. The curriculum incorporates experience-based learning, hands-on research, and a deep understanding of the multifaceted problems that face coastal systems. In addition to their rigorous coursework, students will take on an internship during their first summer, as well as conduct their own capstone projects during their second year of study. Linking academic researchers and graduate students directly with conservation, business, and policy practitioners provides dual immersion in the academic and practitioner cultures and contexts and, ultimately, the ability to work fluidly across the science-practice interface.

The program will offer financial support for tuition and living expenses based on financial need and program resources. Applications for the first cohort opened October 1, 2018, and will close December 3, 2018. Please forward this email to promising candidates who you believe will be a good fit for the program. Visit our website for more information or contact with questions.

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