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JOB POST: Sr. Environmental Scientist (Specialist)

Sr. Environmental Scientist (Specialist)

California Dept. of Pesticide Regulation

The California Dept. of Pesticide Regulation is looking to recruit a new senior scientist with ecotoxicology, environmental or aquatic toxicology background to join the Environmental Monitoring Branch.

This position is based in Sacramento, CA. The Surface Water Protection Program (SWPP) at the California Department of Pesticide Regulation is currently looking to fill a vacant Sr. Environmental Scientist (ES) position. We are particularly interested in hearing from applicants who are passionate about environmental monitoring and research and would excel working for a state regulatory agency. The SWPP is a science and data-driven program that is home to a diverse team of ~15 scientists including modelers, environmental scientists, ecotoxicologists, ecologists, and more. Our current vacancy is for someone with environmental toxicology, aquatic toxicology or ecotoxicology experience. The successful applicant will act as a lead evaluator of aquatic or ecotoxicology data and serve as a technical advisor for the Surface Water program. Additionally, this Sr. ES position will also support some of our monitoring where the successful applicant would help lead or support pesticide monitoring efforts across the State of California. While we would like to focus our recruitment efforts to balance out our agricultural monitoring work, we are most focused on finding someone with related technical expertise and are further open to hearing from a range of applicants who possess a diversity of skills such as field data collection, statistical or analytical skills, and scientific writing. Since this is a senior position, applicants are expected to have project management and leadership abilities.

Specific information on the position can be found here. The current application closing date is February 10, 2024.

Additional information regarding the duty statement is found on the job posting.


Additionally, myself or members of the SWPP team would be more than happy to field questions regarding our current vacancy or what it is like working as a state scientist. 

Xin Deng, PhD. Sr. Environmental Scientist (Supervisory) Surface Water Protection Program



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