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Abstract submission open for the 2021 Annual Meeting

Abstract submission open until April 5th!

Regional SoCal and Desert Southwest Chapters of SETAC are requesting abstracts for platform or lighting presentations for our Virtual 2021 Annual Meeting happening April 26-28. Any primary research, case studies, monitoring program data, or policy-based presentations related to environmental toxicology, chemistry or related fields are invited.

We also highly encourage presentation of student proposals and research at the meeting by offering Best Undergraduate and Graduate Student Platform and Lighting Talk Awards (not applicable to postdocs). This meeting is also a great opportunity to present information from the 2020 SETAC North America Annual Meeting to local members who could not attend, or to prepare for the upcoming 2021 SETAC North America Meeting in Portland, OR (hopefully in person).

Platform presentations will be allotted 15-20 minutes including Q&A. As a virtual alternative to posters, we are offering lighting talks this year, which will be a 3-5 minutes with background graphics as desired. More details on platform and lighting presentation format will be provided upon abstract acceptance.


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